Logo ASM Fun, An assembler development tool, special for noobs!

For Commander-X16 Retro computer.

and Start having Fun!

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and Start having Fun!

Sorry, this IDE doesn't work on small devices. Developing on a phone seems like an impossible task :-).
Developed by Emmanuel The Creator
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1Download and run the ASMFun player

To use ASMFun, you need to run the ASMFun Player on your computer so you can develop and play amazing Commander X16 Games! You can download it here after accepting the terms.

For Mac

Can somebody tell me if Mac works? I don't have a Mac available at the moment.

Open terminal and run:
    chmod u+x ASMFunPlayerSDL

For Linux

Open terminal and run:
    chmod u+x ASMFunPlayerSDL

Other compiled versions
.Net core 3.1 is already installed
Download  1.4Mb (3.7Mb) Download  1.4Mb (3.7Mb) Download  1.4Mb (3.7Mb)
with .net core 3.1 framework
Download  70Mb (170Mb) Download  40Mb (95Mb) Download  40Mb (95Mb)

2Download and install compilers.

Download ACME Compiler
Download Cc65 Compiler

The default compiler is ACME, you need to download it and set the folder with filename in the settings.
You can download the source at:
    goto /src/ folder
run the command:
    make all

3Setup compilers folders.

and have some Fun!